I officially begin my vegan challenge tomorrow! To gear up for my challenge, I have purchased the Vita-Mix blender, Excalibur Food Dehydrator, Blender Bottles, hard plastic smoothie straw cups, all kinds of beans and grains, organic quinoa, and a cart load of fruits and veggies from Costco!

I have experimented all week with green smoothies, and I’ve enjoyed them so much that I have been “unofficially” vegan for the past 4 days!

I am a bit leery of posting my weight and measurements for all of you to see, but since I have no choice…..don’t judge me! πŸ™‚


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  1. Lani says:


    You are amazing. Always willing to try new things. I’m excited to follow your journey.


  2. Jackie says:

    Yep! Throw in a grapefruit, and all you taste is bitter grapefruit pith! But seriously, add mixed berries and banana. Try using the greens instead of the beet to get used to the flavor.

  3. rebkos says:

    Im on my second viewing. That beet smoothie sounds pretty gnarly, but I don’t care for beets. Got any smoothie recipes where the beet flavor is completely hidden?

  4. Jackie says:

    Finished off the day with a grapefruit and my third viewing of “Forks over Knifes.

  5. Jackie says:

    We have a concord grape vine that is bursting with ripe, purple, grapes.

    I decided to see if I could juice them using my vita mix, and wouldn’t you know, it was the easiest thing EVER!

    I washed the grapes, and then stuffed them in the blender, stems and all. It only took about 30 seconds on low speed to pulverize everything. Then, I simply strained out the chunky stuff with a mesh strainer, and, VOILA! Fresh, RAW, grape juice!!

    I poured the juice into plastic cups and stuck them in my freezer. Now, I can have tasty grape smoothies whenever I want!!

    Have I said how much I LOVE my vita mix today?

  6. Jackie says:

    Day 4

    This morning after I drank 16 oz of the super fruity green smoothie that I made yesterday for my kids, I made two important observations.

    Firstly-the super sweet smoothie did NOT fill me up and satisfy me like their “greener” counterparts do.

    Secondly-I’m not enjoying it nearly as much as I thought I would. (I’m using the “present tense” because I am currently drinking ANOTHER 24 oz of sickly sweet smoothie, as I am still hungry!!)

    I can’t believe I am actually sitting here wishing I had my bitter beet greens and grapefruit smoothie instead, but I am!

    I’m not sure I can drink this whole thing without getting sick! I think I need to doctor it up with some more veggies!!

    In case you are wondering just WHAT I put in this green concoction to make it so syrupy sweet… Here is the recipe. I don’t recommend it!!

    1/2 blender stuffed TIGHT with spinach, 3 mango halves, 2 cups grapes, 1 orange, 1 banana, 2 cups water.

    Did I mention my kids thought it was the best smoothie EVER? I had to make two blenders worth (128 oz) because they drank it so fast!! GAG!! πŸ™‚

  7. Jackie says:

    Day 3 is is coming to an end, and I have been laying in bed musing on how effortless and enjoyable my vegan journey has been so far. When is it supposed to get hard exactly? Wasn’t I supposed to go into sugar and dairy withdrawals?

    If I am enjoying this lifestyle so much after just three days, am I really going to be able to go back to a more liberal diet after my 10 month challenge is over???

    I am planning to celebrate my 40th birthday at Fuddruckers, a gourmet, build your own, burger joint. There I will officially break my 10 month meat and dairy “fast”. I wonder if I will be able to eat a juicy hamburger by then, or if it will make me vomit in front of all my family and friends?

    After the “ceremonial burger”, will I decide to give them up all together and go back to being vegan? Hmmmm….

  8. Jackie says:

    Day three began with a leftover beet and grapefruit smoothie ( NOT for beginners!) I have since peeled 5 overripe mangoes for future smoothies, and stuffed myself by “cleaning” all the leftover fruit off of the seeds! I feel a tiny bit sick, actually.

    Lunch will be leftover tortilla soup with mixed grains. And we will go to that point. πŸ™‚

    Check out my Favorite Snacks page. I have listed some of my tasty treats I can’t live without!!

  9. Jackie says:

    Day two went especially well!

    Green smoothies for breakfast and lunch. For dinner I enjoyed a beet and beet green smoothie, and then I made green smoothie tortilla soup that “cooked” in my blender. I added a blob of cooked quinoa and sprouted grains (Costco) to my soup. It was so filling I couldn’t finish it!

    After dinner I went to a potluck, and my contribution was a berry & beet greens smoothie. I was amazed at my complete lack of interest in the tasty treats spread before me!

    Late night snack consisted of homemade fruit roll ups that I made in my brand new Excalibur, a few chocolate covered cacao beans, and a Mrs. May’s Trio bar.

    I know I have to work on eliminating my evening snack habit, but for now, at least the snacks are all super foods!

    The only cooked food I had was the blob of grains in my soup. I think I was close to 90% raw!

    Fabulous, high energy day!!

  10. Jackie says:

    No two smoothies are alike. I use whatever I have laying around. Sometimes they are amazing, and sometimes I have to use a straw to get it down! But, tasty or not, they always fill and satisfy!

  11. rebkos says:

    Mmm. That does sound delish. I think eating your largest meal mid day is an awesome way to help your body work with you. Have you been using a favorite smoothie recipe or are you still trying different ones all the time?

  12. Jackie says:

    Day one is at an end. I enjoyed several green smoothies thru out the day, and ate one meal at lunch of whole wheat toast topped with hummus, onions, avocado, and tomato. Mmmmm! It was so yummy I ate two!

    I made an interesting discovery today. I noticed that each time I drank a smoothie, I would instantly feel satisfied and I didn’t desire anything else. However, at lunch, I ate one piece of veggie topped toast, and then the second piece simply because I craved it. And then, to top it off, I ate one serving of organic dark chocolate covered cocoa beans.

    I am pretty sure my lunch caloric total exceeded both of my other meals combined!

    For dinner, I drank two green smoothies…about 48 oz, and I feel great!

    I think my day ended up being about 80 % raw, without even trying!

    The green smoothies made this day totally enjoyable, and I didn’t once feel restricted!

  13. Becky says:

    Way to go, Jax!!! I’m with ya all the way! Eat to live, not live to eat. Your body loves you right now!

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