Beet and grapefruit smoothie (100 cal)
Fruit roll-up (50 cal)
Fresh mango (100 cal)
5 Crio Beans (150 cal)

3 cups of tortilla soup with organic tortilla chips and 1/2 cup of mixed grains added to soup. (400 cal)

20 oz green smoothie (150 cal)

Grand calorie total for the day…950. Not enough. I think I will enjoy some more Crio beans before bed!! :)

I made a super tasty green smoothie for my kids, but I’m too stuffed (2hrs later) to have any!

That tortilla soup was so filling, I wasn’t hungry until 7:30!

SEPTEMBER 10, 2011

Day 4


20 oz of super sweet leftover green smoothie (see jackie’s journal for explanation) (200cal)


2 cups of tortilla soup with a handful of organic tortilla chips plus 1/2 cup quinoa and sprouted beans mixed in soup.

4 cups of Crio Bru. (200cal)


Raw concord grape juice and spinach smoothie (300cal)

Hmmm…I’m pretty sure I am guestimating my calories way
high, but even still that only leaves me at 1000 calories for the day.

Should I eat more even though I’m not in the least bit hungry?

Did I mention how much I LOVE my green smoothies?? :)

SEPTEMBER 11, 2011

Day 5


2 whole wheat vegan pancakes with fresh grape reduction. AMAZING!! (300 cal)


Beet greens and grape smoothie (200 cal)


Green smoothie and a large salad with homemade avocado dressing (300 cal)

5 Crio beans (150 cal)

I am noticing that it is difficult to reach a healthy caloric intake when I drink green smoothies all day.

I’m not dieting, it’s just that I have no desire to eat more or even to snack after a big smoothie. Could it be that the smoothies are providing so much nutrition to my cells that I don’t actually NEED to eat more?

It’s sort of a bummer actually. I used to really enjoy snacking. :)

SEPTEMBER 12, 2011

Day 6


Super green and nasty smoothie! (believe it or not, I intended for it to be nasty!)(200cal)

Big handful of fresh parsley
The seeds out of a huge honeydew melon (I hate honeydew!)
One peeled grapefruit with white pithy stuff.
2 cups water

Blend and gag! (but your cells will LOVE you!)


Quinoa and sprouted legumes pilaf with cabbage and romaine salad, topped with red pepper, tomatoes, and my fresh avocado and tomatillo dressing. Mmmmm! (400cal)


TRIO bar (210 cal)


Mixed veggie sauté with quinoa and bean pilaf. Plus, 1 piece of whole wheat toast. (400cal)

SEPTEMBER 13, 2011

Day 7


Green Smoothie (200 cal)

Apple (50 cal)

10 sprouted almonds


Green salad with red cabbage, tomatoes, whole wheat croutons, and avocado dressing (400 cal)


Whole wheat spaghetti with homemade spaghetti sauce, loaded with garden veggies. (400cal)

Trio bar (230 cal)

SEPTEMBER 14, 2011

Day 8


Granola and coconut milk (300cal)

Beet green and grape smoothie (150cal)


Leftover veggie spaghetti (350)

Homemade fruit roll ups (200 cal)


Blackbean tostadas with fresh tomatillo salsa (400)


1/2 pb&honey on wheat (300 cal)

SEPTEMBER 15, 2011

Day 9


1/2 leftover pb&honey on wheat (300cal)


Becky’s Chocolate Banana Bliss Smoothie (400cal)


Trio bar (220 cal)


Another chocolate banana shake! (400 cal)

SEPTEMBER 16, 2011

Day 10


Vegan Blender Pancakes with Grape Reduction and Fresh Raspberries! (200 cal)
Fresh concord grapes from my garden (50 cal)

SEPTEMBER 23, 2011

Well, it’s been a while since I have recorded my meals. It began to get a bit tedious! :)

I have still been 100% whole food vegan and I feel great!!

This morning I made the most delicious smoothie!

1 frozen banana
2 peaches with skins
1/2 blender kale
Big handful frozen raspberries
2 cups water

Mmmm!!! Fruity and delicious!

OCTOBER 16, 2011

I just made the most AMAZING pesto to go over my whole wheat penne.

Jackie’s Raw Avocado Pesto

1 1/2 avocado (that’s all I had left)
1/2 red onion (mediumish)
1 bunch cilantro sans stems
The tip of one Jalepeno
1 clove garlic
Juice of 3 small limes
Handful of raw cashews
1/2 cup water
Salt & pepper

Throw into vitamix and blend until creamy. Serve over hot pasta. Mmmmm!!!!!

Very flavorful!


6 responses »

  1. rebkos says:

    Hey Jackie, how did you make your avocado tomatillo salad dressing?? I am having my dad, Grandma and Uncle JonPaul over for dinner and wanted to make a good vegan salad dressing for company. Is it company worthy? Any others you can recommend?

    • Jackie says:

      Hey Becky,

      I didn’t have a recipe. I just blended avocados, cilantro, lime, onion, tomatillos, salt, garlic and a little water. I think it would also be good with a drizzle of olive oil, if you are eating added oils.

      It was very Mexican, but quite tasty.

    • Jackie says:

      Also, McDougal has a ton of salad dressings on his app. Just search under “dressings”.

  2. Tala says:

    Jackie I dont think you are eating enough calories, you can actually stunt your weight oss by eating less than 2000 calories per day. Trust me Im a calorie fanatic (although you wouldn’t know by looking at me hahaha).

  3. Jackie, you might consider just recording these on a page instead of as comments. I’d copy and paste them onto the page and then just add your updates as you go. 🙂

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