Green smoothies are a delicious way to incorporate fruit and vegetables into your diet. They also provide numerous health benefits, just a few of which include:  an increase in energy, a reduction in cholesterol, a stronger immune system, and a vibrant complexion.

Drinking green smoothies every day is, quite possibly, the simplest way to improve your overall health and nutrition!

STEP 1: Buy a Blender

Vitamix and BlendTec are the two best blenders on the market.  Costco periodically sells both the VitaMix and the BlendTec for around $350.

They are expensive, but not if you consider how much money you will be saving on doctor bills.

These blenders are so powerful that they can liquefy greens in seconds, making it possible for them to be instantly absorbed into the blood stream.

They also run forever. (My VitaMix is almost 20 years old, and it still works perfectly!)

It is possible to make green smoothies in a “regular” blender, but they aren’t strong enough to completely break down the cellular walls of the greens and, as a result, your smoothies will be a bit on the chunky side.

STEP 2: Buy a Good Smoothie Book

There are several excellent books on the market that have tons of delicious smoothie recipes. Two that I recommend are: The Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko and The Green Smoothie Diet by Robyn Oppenshaw.

STEP 3: Familiarize Yourself With The Diet Plan

Breakfast:  32 oz  green smoothie made with your choice of plant milk

Snack:         A handful of raw nuts and/or seeds and a piece of fruit.

Lunch:         16 oz savory green smoothie soup with whole grain bread or crackers

Snack:         16 oz green smoothie

Dinner:        A large helping of a delicious vegan meal that incorporates legumes, mixed grains, and vegetables.

Snack:          Handful of raw nuts and/or seeds and a piece of fruit

Basic Green Smoothie Recipe

1/2 blender fresh greens (start with spinach)

1/4 blender fresh or frozen fruit

1 ripe banana

Fill half-way with water and add ice as needed.

Blend and enjoy!

STEP 4:  Create Your Menu

Use the menu planner below to plan out your meals for the week.  After you have planned your menu, take each recipe and write down the ingredients you will need on the shopping list. Post the menu on your freezer door so that you will be able to see at a glance what your next meal will be.

Green Smoothie Menu Plan

STEP 5:  Go Shopping

I live in Utah, and my two favorite grocery stores are Costco (wholesaler) and Harmon’s (local grocer).  Scope out the stores where you live to find the ones with the best produce and price.

Costco has the best prices on spinach, pineapple, bananas, frozen fruit and berries, organic shelf stable rice and soy milk, organic quinoa, brown rice, organic whole wheat pasta, agave syrup, pure maple syrup, and raw nuts.

Harmon’s has a quite a lot of organic produce and grocery items for a very fair price. They also have a fairly extensive health food section. I typically shop at Harmon’s for whatever I can’t find at Costco.

STEP 6:  Begin!


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  1. Jackie, love it! Starting with all the benefits is perfect, but like Kaitlyn noted, they need to match. Try to place each number at the end of the sentence leading into the list. “More energy” works; “good source of calcium” doesn’t. Since the word right before is “include,” make them all work with that: more energy, additional calcium, reduction in blood cholesterol, etc. If you don’t like the way that works, then change the lead-in, like “Green smoothies can help to . . . give you more energy, increase your calcium, reduce your blood cholesterol” etc. Or “Green smoothies are . . . energy boosters, good sources of calcium, cholesterol reducers” etc. So many options. 🙂

    On step 5, don’t forget to mention that these are options in Utah and to explain that Costco is a wholesale warehouse store and Harmon’s is a local grocer, that way you can encourage people in other places to find similar options where they live.

    Also, I wonder if you can give people a few more options. For example, I do green smoothies all the time without either a book or a Blendtec/Vitamix. I just use my regular $20 blender and dump in yogurt (not vegan, I know! ;)), juice, and whatever fruits and greens I’ve got on hand. Maybe you could say, “If you’re ready for hardcore, definitely go with a Vitamix/Blendtec, but the blender you already have can get you started.” Something like that. And describe a basic green smoothie recipe for us (ratios of fruit to greens, etc) so that the books aren’t a stumbling block either, though again you could tell them that the books are great to give you more ideas before you get tired of the same smoothie over and over.

    I hope that helps! Email me if you have questions. 🙂

  2. kande250 says:

    suggestions first, praise later (fyi)
    the list of benefit in the beginning is good, but it seems a little off. are they all the same tense? i’m not good with that stuff so i don’t know lol.
    in step 1, what do you mean by periodically?
    the color at the top is great, but maybe add more throughout.

    everything else is perfect, as usual.
    great steps, great spacing, great visuals.


  3. reginafarley says:

    Jackie- Your report page looks so good!! it definitely outlines everything really well, and it makes sense. Also, it fits perfectly with your topic 🙂 okay, so a few things that I noticed.
    1. Pictures- They looked great. I think the graph to chart out the meals for the week is fabulous. is there any way you can make it a PDF at the bottom so people can print it off and use it? Or put it in a link under Step 4 🙂
    2. Your indentations looked great. The only problem I noticed is the spacing is a little bit funny in Step 3, probably because of the tab key…? (I had the same problem too!!)
    3. i thinmk it would be fun if you could do your title and your steps in Light blue or Lime green… to match your blog. I think it would make it aesthetically crisp and refreshing!
    great Job!!

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