It is the end of May, and I have just over 4 weeks to go. The burning question on everyone’s mind seems to be: “Will you go back to eating meat?”

Answer: “NO!” 🙂

I began this journey as an experiment, to see for myself if all the hype was true. What I discovered is that, while this lifestyle may not work for everyone, it does work for me.

The changes I made were simple. I completely eliminated ALL animal products from my diet, and I ate only whole food, cutting out all processed food.

While I realize that this may sound daunting, it has actually been very simple and easy to do. The benefits were felt practically immediately.

Some of the things that really stood out to me were:

I felt good…pretty much all the time.

I never experienced any cravings, and I was able to kick my sugar habit without effort.(I attribute this great blessing to the many, many green smoothies I drank in the early days.)

I had more energy.

I felt MUCH more positive about myself.

I began to really ENJOY food…more than I ever did before.

For the first time ever, I experienced the feeling of true hunger. (when you eat garbage all day, you don’t get to know what hunger really feels like)

My grocery bill went down…believe it or not! Processed food costs considerably more than whole-food ingredients.

I began to enjoy cooking again, and I look forward to trying new recipes, and experimenting with old ones.

There are many more positive outcomes from my “journey”, but this is a good start for now.

As for any “cons”…honesty? None that I can think of! 🙂

With the exception of a few periods of “plateaus” my weight loss has been slow, but consistent. Averaging (including the plateaus) to about one pound per week.

In the past, this slow of a weight loss would never have satisfied me. However, since I don’t consider myself to be on a diet, the weight loss I’ve experienced has really just been a “perk”, not the focus of my efforts.

I am confident that this weight will continue to slowly melt away, and that it will never come back again to haunt me, unless, of course, I go back to eating junk all the time….which I can’t imagine myself ever doing!

FYI: I realize this was written in the “past” tense, but that was a snafu! I am still experiencing all the same benefits today! 🙂



2 responses »

  1. Merissa says:

    You’re amazing!! Looking so good too. Glad you’re sticking with it.

  2. liz says:

    This is awesome Jax. I am so proud of you! Thanks for setting such a great example!

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