I have been rethinking the idea of running a marathon this April. I’ve decided that, even though I really want to do it, running a marathon in the middle of my vegan challenge would be counter-productive.

The entire point of this challenge is to illustrate to others how simple and easy it is to become fit and healthy. If I throw marathon training into the mix, I am worried that my success could be attributed to the training, and not to the healthy diet.

So, I have decided that instead of training for a marathon (a feat most people would never even consider) I will simply try to incorporate daily walks into my routine. Everyone, regardless of fitness level, has the ability to take a walk every day. This is a much more attainable exercise ideal.

In June, when this challenge ends, I revisit the idea of running a marathon.


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  1. Tala says:

    Ok Jax then let’s shoot for the Equinox Marathon in Sept back up in Fbks!

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