Can you post any questions or concerns you may have had, or still do have, about my vegan challenge? I have to write a research paper that addresses them, and I would really love lots of input!

Here is an example of what I am looking for:

Do you get enough protein?
How are you going to get enough iodine if you eliminate added salt?
How are you going to get enough iron?
Why do vegans claim animal products are unhealthy?
Do you believe that eating animal products is ethically wrong?

I would really appreciate your feedback!



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  1. rebkos says:

    Ok, I’ll say it: I THINK YOU’RE CRAZY! What did meat ever do to you anyway?? If you ate your way into those size 18’s, seems logical that you could eat your way out. Isn’t this diet just a new form of calorie deprivation? (I love playing devil’s advocate…)

  2. Merissa says:

    How do you live without cheese? Cheese and eggs…I’d have a hard time giving them up. But you are AWESOME.

  3. Gail Jensen says:

    Jackie, I think you’re doing a great thing. With Julie I am thinking not about the consequences of your short term sojourn, but more about genetics and why we are the way we are. Nutritionally, I think you’re brave, amazing, motivated, etc. But not crazy. I would like to know what your physical activity goals are and how you’ll implement them and whether you notice changes in your energy levels, etc. I know a family who went vegan due to health concerns and lost an average of 80 lbs. each.

  4. Chelle says:

    How has your family liked the meals you choose to eat versus the processed junk they like?? Has eating this way made you want to drink more water or less? Is there a build up of gas as your body adjusts or has there been no change? Has your energy changing been from the exercise or the diet or both? Do you think everyone should eat this way now that you have? Did you get a blood work up before you started so you can do it again when you are 40 and see the difference? How do you decide what you are going to try (recipes or pictures or recommendations)? Do you think our pets should eat more veggies 🙂 ?

  5. Lisa says:

    Go Jackie! This is exciting. I added your blog to my google reader roll! Are you worried at all about reintroducing meat and dairy back into your diet in a balanced way at the end of this? I have also seen Food Inc, and it made me think a lot. We have been trying to eat meatless much more than we had before. But for me, it’s just not reasonable to eliminate it entirely. I do wonder what is a reasonable amount of meat to consume, without having to worry about vitamin and protein deficiencies? Obviously, you can eat none and still get everything you need, but I’m thinking for the average person, what would be a more balanced amount? I’m looking forward to seeing some of your recipes because I am always looking for more yummy and satisfying meatless meals. Also, I would love to hear your thoughts on how this all fits into the word of wisdom. I thought about that a lot after I watched Food Inc.

  6. Julie Stolzman says:

    Hey Jackie,
    I don’t think you are crazy for accepting the vegan challenge. As long as you consume a variety of plant based foods and legumes you should get enough iron and mix of proteins. I choose not to be a vegan, but sometimes I wonder if all the hormones and antibiotics added to the meats we purchase are worth it. I try to buy organic, but like most find the cost prohibitive. We do eat meatless meals ~2x a week. I certainly don’t worry about animal products, such as leather. A good quality leather shoe will last for years, vs a cheap synthetic shoe made in China. When we replace items because they fall apart, we really are adding to environmental toxins (chemicals needed to make the new product).
    In addition to finding a healthier diet, it’s important to understand the reasons behind overeating and not being physically active. Why are our family member’s unhealthy? How did that affect our current habits? What can we do to change those habits? And, what are we teaching our family? I no longer worry so much about the caloric intake of food. I just know I can’t eat desserts every night, plus I only have one serving of an item at dinner. I exercise almost every day and feel pretty good. Will I ever be thin? Probably not, but I’m comfortable with my weight (for the most part) and feel healthy.
    Oh, just realized I forgot to answer the question about the ethical treatment of animals. I try not to think about it because I tend to have these majorly guilty feelings, but I do feel as a planet we need to shift toward a plant based diet. The natural resources we have cannot support future populations that depend on a meat based diet.
    Hope that helps!!

  7. Suzanne says:

    Many vegans that I have known went as far as eliminating any animal based products from their wardrobe and furnishings (including car interior). Are you that kind of vegan? Have you missed the taste of a good steak? Hope these help…

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