I’ve heard that if you eliminate added salt from your diet, you can reset your taste buds and you will no longer desire it.

I am a self proclaimed salt addict, with my favorite “drug” of choice being Tony’s Cajun Spice.
I put Tony’s on everything, and I know it is bad for my arteries.

So, since I am all about RADICAL change these days, I have decided to include the salt shaker in my list of taboo foods.

Therefore I will not shake any salt or salt blend over my food until my 40th birthday, at which time I will renew my friendship with Tony and shake him liberally over my Fuddruckers birthday burger!

Wish me luck!


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  1. Have you heard about Real Salt? Like sugar, the problem with salt is when it’s refined, because that strips it of its minerals. Your body needs “real” salt, which table salt is not. The Real Salt brand is expensive but SO worth it for both taste and health. We switched a few months ago and are amazed at how much better everything tastes with real salt on it. Good post, and good luck with all the changes!

    (Also, totally agree on how crazy it is you have to toss so much when you learn about MSG. For me I had to clue in to all the pseudonyms it goes by, like “natural flavors” — even in some organic foods! I found this site really helpful if other readers are interested: rtnc411.org)

  2. Jackie says:

    Hey Becky, I’ve missed you!!! Are you doing ok?

    As for the salt…I’m not doing a full salt detox. I’m just eliminating it from the table. I will still be getting plenty of salt from prepared foods like guacamole, salsa, and canned beans. Plus, I will still be adding it to cooked recipes. I just won’t be shaking it on my food anymore.

    And about the MSG concern, Tony’s is MSG free. I went through my pantry and cupboards last spring, and threw away everything that had MSG. it was surprising how much I had to toss!

  3. Becky says:

    I’m pretty sure Tonys is msg laden, which is what makes it so darn addicting. I’m wondering if taking salt off the table is a smart move so early in you personal revolution. Your body needs salt, and you won’t be getting it in processed foods since they’re off the table too, right? From what I’ve read it’s better to use some salt to keep your food from being too bland and making it more difficult to stick with the new dietary changes. Just add it only at the end onto your plate and try not to over do it. Doing a salt “detox” like you explained sounds like a great idea, but 10 months seems like a bit long.

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