I am gearing up to run the Salt Lake Marathon, one of the items on my bucket list, but I don’t want to run it alone. If you have ever dreamed of completing a marathon, but never thought you could, this is your chance! I am probably the most out-of-shape person I know. If I can do this…so can you!

 I am going to use Jeff Galloway’s program that trains non-runners to run a marathon in just 6 months! (I just noticed my affinity for over-using exclamation marks! ) The program is simple. You jog a few minutes, then you walk a few minutes. I fully expect to take every minute of the alloted 6 hours to finish, but I don’t care! I will be able to say I ran a marathon before I turned 40!    (dang, I keep doing it!)

So, don’t be scared. Come and run with me. It will be FUN! I hope. 🙂


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