Ok my fellow followers, I NEED recipe ideas! My most urgent need is for fast and easy breakfasts. My husband has requested that I have healthy choices besides smoothies available. Aaaaaaah! What do I do?

Breakfasts are hard for me, because pre-challenge, I ALWAYS had a bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast. I am not big on variety. My family, however, loves to have choices. What can I offer them besides oatmeal, pancakes, granola, or smoothies????



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  1. Merissa says:

    We love muffins and scones, both can be made ahead of time and go great with scrambled or fried eggs. One of my favorite muffin recipes is for Orange Flax Seed Muffins. You can google the recipe online and it’ll come up with tons of pretty much the same recipe. Most all have wheat bran, oat bran, ground flax, ww flour, etc..but they also have dried fruits and some b. sugar so they’ll still taste good to your family. I know you something other than oatmeal, but I can’t help sharing another recipe I’ve recently grown to love: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/healthy/recipe-overnight-oatmeal-with-apricots-and-buttermilk-047778 It uses steal cut oats and cooks in a crockpot overnight so it’s really easy. Not vegan if you use the buttermilk but you can probably do without it.

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